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Forgive the length.
Admin: feel free to relocate to proper category.

I've been shooting recurve for 11 months after not picking up a bow for 20 years. Shot compound then. Arrow finger Asa kid with green fiberglass.

Currently shooting a 66" - 45# warf bow. Drawing 59# @ 30.5" d/l.
Shooting instinctively. (Not arguing about it) Shooting split with a tab.
Since last February, I have shot a documented 10,K arrows from April to July and an estimated 10,K since August.

Here is the issue at hand.
At the 20 yd. indoor range, I can push a golf tee into black foam target and put 95% of my shots within 3" if not splitting the tee.

At the same range, I can place 3D animals at various locations and have 90% to 95% shots placed in their ears.

At the same range, I can shoot a 20cm and have 75% or better in the 7 ring. This will be the picture of the black and white target with the heavy black X.
a.k.a the flip side of a 5 spot.

These above examples are more than acceptable for shooting recurve less than a year.
No complaints so far....
At the same range, I can shoot at the flip side of a Vegas 3 spot.
It's the 10 ringed, 5 colored target, but a very faint + in the center.
At this target, arrows are scattered all over the field.

No, I have no visual issues with color. My vision is excellent, beyond the length of my arm. Glasses are required to read 1.25 diopter. I can easily see a squirrel in the woods at 100yds.

So here is the issue as I perceive it.
My Shot process goes like this:
1)"Pick your spot" - inhale. (My eyes never come off the spot picked) (and it's no bigger than a golf tee head. A few hairs is perfect, if contrast is there)
2)"Here we go" - exhale. (Draw to anchor) (eyes still on spot)
3)"Mac-n-cheese" (Arrow is launched)

I am struggling at being able to pick my spot on the colored target because I can't see the lightly weighted lines on the target face.
(You will see the difference in the photos)
Therefore I am struggling with picking my spot.

I've tried to pretent I see the X. Doesn't work.
I've tried to pretend there's a hole I have to shoot through. Doesn't work.
I knows there's a fix, if I can get the right direction.
I am looking for constructive suggestions as to how I pick a spot that's not there.
It may be a mental block, who knows what goes on in the cranium?

Thanks for the read and your thoughts.


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I'm suspicious that part of the problem is stating that there is a problem .
The act of verbalizing what the issue is, establishes it as a problem.
And as I ponder a solution, I thought, if I just had old fashioned iron sights, I wouldn't need a spot on the

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Not really a 'problem' IMO just a challenge of perception and focus. Exagerrated example: stand 10m away from a 2m diameter blank white disc and most will struggle to aim and group at the center, simply because there is nothing to aim at - there is no guide.

On a typical target size and setting without an 'x' in the gold, the stringwalker has the advantage as they can put their actual point 'in the middle' of the gold just as anyone can point at the center of a plate. A conscious gapper can put their point on a known specific ring or other visual feature below or above and trust in their knowledge that it will send the arrow to gold .

Us instinctive aimers have either our imagination to 'project' a spot inside that circle, or use the kind of Zen-like autopilot LBG seems to have mastered. I'm not there yet, always looking to put arrows on real (or imaginary) spots.
So what is the path to that achievement?
I do not think form or practice is the answer because it is a gray muscle journey.

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I am a bowhunter. So this is my view. Lol. I can say I hate this target as well as the black with the white center. I have better groups on a white plate or white with a black dot or a animals round.
As best I can say is you have to determine the direction you approach these target from the others. Therefore, Tuned for that direction may be different as results will follow. Because your focus on putting your sight at the edge. I suspected your mind wants to jump to the center during the release.
Hunting. I have to condition or account for these movements. Very rare to get a wide open, well lite, straight on shot. Lol
I get what you are saying.
However, in a Vegas 450 league shoot, I have one choice in a target, the 3 spot or the single spot.
As frustrating as some might suspect this is, down deep I welcome the challenge, because once I get this figured out and start to improve, that will be great satisfaction. For me, the accomplishment of a challenge is as much gratification as a well executed shot.
That is what motivates me to try and figure it out.
I'm a pretty average guy and I'm sure others have been here.

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So this evening before league started I drew an X on the target I shoot.
I sat it out at about 45' and gave it a go.
Then I moved it back to about 50' and shot some more.
When I was able to hold my focus, I could do some damage. The key word here is "when".
My goal will be to mark a visible X and start at 30', then move back 5' at a time.
Then fade the X a little at a time.
With only 2 more shoots left, it's doubtful I'll get this worked out in time to matter for scoring purposes.
Bt that's OK, I'll kill it next year.


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