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You have got to get your mind right. - Strother Martin as the Warden in Cool Hand Luke.

Sounds like your are overarming, a common fault. Example: there was an Olympic archer who was legally blind. He could not see the rings on the target much less the small center. He could see the vague round shape and imagine where the center was. He won championships.

Many, perhaps most top target archers do not focus their minds on target center, or even on aiming at all. Their eyes maybe, but not their minds. Their conscious minds are generally focused on shot execution, generally around back, somewhere around the rhomboid muscles, the scapula or simply the back of the shoulder near the upper arm.

There is no use focussing on aiming if you cannot execute the shot well enough to hit what your are aiming at. Top hands focus on execution.

So, you ask, how does aiming occur? Good question. You have an on board aiming device called the subconscious mind. It has great capacity to achieve goals; give it a goal and it will strive to achieve that goal. It does it better than you can. With practice it can do it with a ball, a rock, or an arrow. If it could not we would have died out a million years ago.

Tell it to hit the center ring and focus on shot execution. It is a bit slow, so it may take a few sessions to get really good. - lbg
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