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These target faces are optimized for sight shooting or system shooting. Lighter colors in the center gives better sight picture with sights or system. A large black dot won't work for most sight shooters very well as you cannot put black on black, not this critical nowadays anymore with all the fiber optics and scopes on the arrow launching devices with wheels.
Look at military man targets made for iron sights. The ten is in the middle of the skin colored face. Makes it easy to sight with iron or peep sights even at 200-300 meters.
Try the same if you camoflage the man target face at 200 or 300 meters. Much harder to shoot 10s.....
The NFAA field targets work decent for instinctive and sight shooters, the NFAA hunter target works great for sight shooters and moslty suck for instinctive shooters, especially on longer distances.
I have never understood why the 300 round cannot be shot on the Field Targets. Same size, same scoring. And I bet back in the day it probably was shot on the Field Target Faces.
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