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Got my youngest some HD spy glasses so he can video his assorted skiing/boarding/biking exploits & got to wondering if these would be any use for form analysis as the glasses are also sold to hunters - not too friendly to archers as the mid-piece between the eyes that holds the min-cam makes aiming a pain - might be easier for you guys that shoot with specs tho' - either way put these pups above my eyes & popped some arrows then put the vids through Kinovea ... very helpful: found that I didn't have as loose a bow grip as I thought = my grip was being offset by a poor anchor so fixed that up & now notice that I have to work on my string grip .... something that never entered my mind - gotta love some technology ... at least sometimes.

BTW some nice frames of the arrow heading to the target - M

top vid - not so loose bow grip
bottom one - nice loose hand

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