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Has anyone

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on this forum had any recent or past dealings with an outfit called "Elite Arrows?"
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I just bought a test kit from Paul. The arrows were very nice and I think reasonably priced. He was very helpful if not slightly slow, but I wouldn't put too much into the "slightly slow" comment as I am impatient when it comes to my toys.

I am getting ready to order a dozen arrows from him once I figure out exactly what arrow I want.

I just received a set of arrows from him, as to "slightly slow" I agree with you completely. It took almost 3 months from the day I placed my order to the day (today) that I received it.*
It's too windy today for me to see how they fly, wind gusts up to 22- 25 MPH.

*to be fair though there was a 6 week period from the day I placed my order until Paul could get to my order of which he informed me right off the top.
They are very nice arrows. matched and straight. I have several doz. that I shoot.
Paul Jalon at Elite Arrows is an exceptional arrowsmith with 40 plus years making arrows and they are nothing short of pieces of art. Every set I have from him were all within 3lbs of deflection and 6 grains total weight (among the dozen in each set). The price per dozen he charges for the quality you get is THE best deal on wood arrows anywhere. It's worth the wait if you want a great set of wood arrows.

The one caveat in owning any set of wood arrows is learning how to maintain them (ie. straightening them, keeping humidity to a minimum and storage). If you miss the maintenance step you'll lose some consistency.

He does have a roster of national champions who shoot his arrows including Ren Sarns "Rsarns" on this board who recently shot his way to an Indoor National championship with a set of Pauls arrows. If you don't want to mess with meticulously making your own arrows and only spending (their starting cost) $85.00 / dozen then you've got nothing to lose. The good problem is they are so consistent you will invariably suffer nock damage to most of your arrows. The one suggestion I'd make is to purchase a bag of AAE Arizona Z Nocks and learn how to fix your arrows if one should have a "too consistent" arrow problem.

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I dealt with Paul when I shot woodies back in the nineties and know he is one good fella' to deal with and produces one heckuva arrow. You have to be patient because he is busy but well worth the wait.
The one caveat in owning any set of wood arrows is learning how to maintain them (ie. straightening them, keeping humidity to a minimum and storage).
I don't mean to change the topic, but can you provide some details on the maintenance?


You cannot deal with a better guy than Paul. His arrows are THE BEST! Alan, for straightening them you can go to youtube and there are some great videos on the how to's.... Paul's arrows are straight and like works of art. However, wood is wood and after you have shot them awhile its always good to check them and straighten as needed. By the way his arrows also won the Adult and Senior class NFAA Outdoor Nationals in Darrington this past year, along with Indoor Senior, Silver Senior and Master Senior classes. :)
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