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Last few days I've been shooting my 50# Longbow split finger and higher anchor in prep for the Medieval days/trick shooting in Tallinn, compared to my 42# Recurve and my lower Stringwalking anchor it was quite hard to get the back tension working and control the bow, it's taken a good 3-4 days of hard work to groove into the shot.

Maybe I'm just getting old and 50# is beyond my comfort zone but this morning was a nice practice session and it was like I never stopped shooting the Longbow and it was really enjoyable.

The event will be covered by National Tv and my 5 year old Son Paaren will be shooting with me, he is no stranger to shooting in front of crowds and Tv Camera's.

Paaren 2 years ago

Me and Jaco Wessels last Summer

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Can't beat a longbow for sheer fun!

I that an Edge longbow? I have been able to slenderize mine and reduce the draw weight by about 4 pounds with a file and some sanding blocks. I reshaped the tips and improved the tiller. It has lost little or no cast. It's a better bow now. - lbg
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