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There was some discussion of the legality or otherwise of the weight system used in the bow below as it applies to FITA barebow.

I've come across the following rule interpretation by the Technical Committee of World Archery. The attachment methodology seems similar enough to apply.

Archery Australia Inc. has requested an interpretation of whether or not the added weight, as shown on the picture below is legal.

The Technical Committee is unanimous in concluding that the system of weight
attachment shown in the attached photo is considered legal. However, due to the nature of
how weights are attached to bows in the Bare Bow Division, each newly developed
system should be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Reason: The system shown borders on legal vs. illegal due to the attachment system. The
weight is not attached directly to the riser as required in article, but rather
through two "Eyebolts" attached to the bows existing stabilizer inserts. However, due to
the method of attachment and short length of the connecting bolts, the design is
considered a weight rather than a stabilizer and does not violate the intent of the rule.
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Personally I think it runs counter to the rules requiring no extensions or angled brackets.

Otherwise couldn't a person just run a stabilizer down along the riser or even beyond?

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