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Just like the old days Sam. I just shot that Pearson and was sick. But i tell ya. I heard the stories of MJ scoring his career highs scores when je was sick with the Flu and fever.

Anyhow, i layed down a gem on Sat shooting with a level 4 Archery Trainer Coach. He told me he “ could not see how i shot that score the condition i was in”!


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* Bear *
Kodiak ( same riser as Black Bear- was a recurved limb model and offered in camo dip)
black bear (by far most popular) the rest are in no particular order...
Black Bear *** Best Grip and Rad Shelf (27-29)
Black Panther
Kodiak Mag
Bear Mini Magnum ( short riser with plastic grip)
Bear Mini Magnum ( long riser, 23")
Little Delta

* Hoyt USA *
Gamegetter Jr
GameGetter I
GameGetter II
Gamegetter III (same as Rambo)
Rambo *** 1/4 past center cut (30" or longer)
Rambo is 19-20deg The Rambo only gains 1-2 pounds, sometimes not much at all.
Mystic (warfable,but will require extra work)
Pro Medalist
Pro Vantage 23" best for the monkey armed archer!!!
Ram Hunter (hoyt/easton)
Spectra *** Strongest
TD (2-3) **** stag, buck
Tracker and variants.

* Others *
Ben Pearson - Spoiler - Equalizer
Jennings Black Lightning
Jennings T-mag ( same riser as Bear Mini Magnum 23")
Martin Lynx, Gazelle
Darton Scout
Darton Excel
Darton 30 and 50 series risers
Martin Prowler
Martin Jaguar - PSE Kingfisher - Coyote
Proline (Typhoon and a couple different names)
Proline is 15-16deg because they gain 10 or so pounds over marked weight.
Shakespeare QT
Quinn Stallion (needs machine work to change the pocket angles)

Some of the old PSE risers (pockets must be milled to a friendly geometry)
There are several more out there that are warfable,,I have done several wood risers also

Hoyt Rambo is the riser for 30 or longer. Proline for the short draws. BB gain bout 4-6 pounds over 25 marked weight. This is a good indicator that the BB is somewhere in the 18 degree area. Rambo is 19-20,,Proline is 15-16 because they gain 10 or so pounds over marked weight. The Rambo only gains 1-2 pounds, sometimes not much at all. The super long draw riser???? Hoyt Pro Vantage is the best for the monkey armed archer!!!

Sage or Journey limbs

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Great vid. I will still probs try to bling one out, though lol. I gotta do what I gotta do.

Edit: Seriously though. Can we get a sticky on this? This is the kind of thread people can refer new people to in order to learn how to do their own warfs. This is valuable.

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My first Warf was a Proline with the diamonds and Bob had done the work on that one. I bought it off a guy in Western PA, and man did that bow stick it to the foam! Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for taking the time and energy to make these videos and share your knowledge with the rest of us. It is very much appreciated!

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

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I'm looking at Camp/Hunting solo at White Rock WMA which is close to me and a stand here on the 12 acres.
Last year I had a lot of close shots on WT and passed everything but one old Doe. I may poke more this year?
Colorado is draw only now. My Elk days are probably over but who knows. I'm kind of at the point where camping and just being in the woods is enough.

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I've been following your build on facebook. Keep up the great work! Too many in our society would rather just buy something rather than try to DIY. The societal knowledge for all kinds of things keeps diminishing. The more knowledge we can preserve, the better. I also vote for this thread being a sticky!
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