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I have been struggling with my outdoor setup to get a straight tracking tune (walk back kept angling left). I kept finding I had to drop the plunger tension at longer distances (less crawl). It perplexed me as I have not had this problem before. Finally after breaking everything down to double check that I had the standard hard spring and not the soft I usually use in my Beiter plunger. I has swapped it out early on but somehow mistakenly replaced a hard with a hard. I just have always had better luck with the soft spring installed at around a 6 setting vs the other springs. Now my walk back at least to 50 yards seems to be tracking true and I hope to get farther out later at the club.

Several years ago I had found that the more gradual force curve of the soft spring worked better for me stringwalking than the hard spring even if the initial force to move it was the same. For example a medium spring set at 8 has the same initial force as a soft at 2 but will gain much quicker than the soft. YMMV. The extra hard at a 5 is damn near blocked so I was just curious does anyone actually use that spring or even a hard turned in?

So the two takeaways for me were if you are not getting what you think you should be getting, double check that you have what you think you have and who in the heck can actually use an extra hard spring?
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