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I bought this set to sharpen 3-blade broadheads with. I had no luck with it, admittedly have no patience to learn, and do much better with a file.
This should work for knives very well, but I had no luck with 3-blades.

I barely used them. Course was never used. Fine and Extra Fine have no more than 30 light strokes on it, so they are about as "like new" as you get other than actually "new". So it's up for sale.

The set includes coarse, fine, and extra fine 2" x 6" hones in a hard wood box. Nice set for someone who can actually sharpen things!

Midway USA has it on sale for $95. I paid like $110 if I recall.

Learn to sharpen knives. Like 'ol Red Green used to say "if the ladies don't find you handsome, at least they'll find you handy"!

I'll do $85 shipped to your door. You save $10, taxes, and shipping.



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