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Hey folks,

This afternoon I had the pleasure of reassembling my bow after finishing my DIY camo job.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Initially my plan was to do a spray can hydro dip, but when it came to setting up and a test on an unimportant trinket, I couldn't figure out how to stop the spray paint glooping up. I'm guessing there was some temperature issue.

Regardless, I decided to bail on that idea, and proceeded with my backup plan of using a good old fashioned stencil and layer approach.

Super happy with how it turned out, especially after three layers of matte clear coat. The finish feels solid, and whilst I can see the flaws for the most part it looks like a good job, if I do say so myself.

...ok so also a couple of my buddies were impressed too. 馃槑

Then I got outside and became even happier as my tune is approaching spot on, and my string walking is going great. Almost decided on a location for my fixed crawl.

Happy times.




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pretty awesome job DAVID
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Good job on the Camo. Years ago we all camoed our bows for hunting. Some guys were more creative than others hence a better looking job. I still recall a set of paints and stencils sold by Saunders I believe. Don鈥檛 know what the paint was but it came off with Mineral Sprits and didn鈥檛 ruin the bow finish. I remember going out and getting a couple Maple leaves to use as stencils. Good grief that been 40+ years ago!!
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