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That's what DIY is all about.
I tried to get a heading here for DIY. But that went down the drain. [ Later

Way to keep your feet warm using a **** light battery rheostat.
You can convert the old side battery type socks to dial up and down with a rheostat.

The picture of 2 pair of socks I used for many years. First a 6 volt then a 12 volt last a 18 volt.Used a banana plug to plug into the battery.
As modern battery's got more powerful . My feet got warmer ha ha. I could ware tennis shoes and stay warm on a tree stand. Also took the bottom off of one sock. And placed it my kidney area. Didn't know what cold meant back many moons ago.;) [ Later

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I don't have any photos yet, but I am planning to build a horizontal wall rack for my bows. I currently have a vertical rack, but my infant son will soon be up and walking around so I need to get my bows out of his reach!

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I've got a home made endless string jig, works a treat. I'm looking to make a butt for indoors now. I can shoot 15m in the basement so need a decent free standing butt now. I'm thinking of using maybe 3' x 1' strips of foam banded together.

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