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Did a video today to check my expansion/conclusion

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I was doing some video from 30y to check my Form i.e. conclusion and afterwards I thought I would shoot a 300 round to check consistency, normally I use the 36# Kaya limbs for Indoors but used my normal 42# Field/3D setup, I had a nice X count and only dropped 4 points on first half and then got a little tired on second half and had to dig deep to regain composure but pretty happy with 287.

I had a fairly weak conclusion when I Gapped and the Stringwalking aiming seems to have freed me up to focus more on expansion and make stronger shots.:cheers:
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Looks good. Seems very smooth and not forced.
Nice to shoot without snow on the ground isn't it ;-)
Very nice. At least one can post a form video over here.
Nice to shoot without snow on the ground isn't it ;-)
Yeah I can feel my fingers and can move more freely without all the bulky clothes
Steve looking smooth.
I've still got some things I need to work on, like bowhand fingers are twitching, don't know if I can fix this as it very hard to get the hand relaxed with tendon damage in my hand, I also drop my bowarm sometimes and really have to focus on getting the front end balance correct and not just working the back end, I'm not doing it every shot but I need to get to that stage where I don't need to think about it to make it work.

The progress has been good since Dec and scores already reflect this but I know I still have a way to go to get that form consistency up.

Have you ever thought about taking some vitamine B12? I get restless leg sometimes, especially in the evening, and B12 makes a big difference. My partner gets muscle spasms and it helps that too.
Something to think about.

The Tendons in my ring finger lock shut when close my hand tight, shooting a bow without a sling causes big issues after 3-4 days shooting, hence the switch to Barebow and weighted risers. I will need an operation at some point but need to convince my Doctor it's essential, she doesn't seem interested at this moment.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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