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DAS Pearson Equalizer warf

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I got a new project in the works, updating an old riser.
Pearson Equalizer might be 18".
Adding a set of my older DAS plates to it.
had the grip frame contoured to mimic my favorite JAGER DAS grip.
Added another plunger hole.....and a bump.
Cerakoted to some shade of OD green/gray.....we'll see hwo the color turns out.
IT MIGHT be out of the cerakote shop in a day or two.
More's a teaser of it mostly completed....grip still in progress at this (pictured) stage .
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thanks guys.
BART, nope, I sent it off to a friend to do the work on.
Tom, going to be some variation of OD green/gray shading, cerakoted; I gave a general description of what I wanted for color, but it will be mysterious until I either get a picture or get it in me mitts.
Original grip was ok for me - - but I sent a favorite grip along and said grind frame down to fit it......... he was afraid of casting voids after looking at it, so he formed a grip for me on the grip frame.
I might have it here in about a week.
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Thanks Levi.
Bart, I sent riser with some old DAS DALAA plates I robbed off a Dalaa riser a year ago, it(Dalaa) came with ILF plates as well, and I sold the Dalaa to Dkard with ILF.
Mike Balmer years back made me a real special Pearson Equalizer ILF warf, then I also had a SHADOW, same thing, and then another Equalizer ILF a year ago from Monkeyball.
So I have a history with the Equalizer risers, and they work well with ILF longbow limbs.
So that's why I decided to see if the basic riser could go DAS.
It looks like it's going to work out well.......using real DAS plates and thumbscrews.
Angles are 15* so it's some like a stretched 17" DAS Dalaa, if you use your imagination a little bit.
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I apologize for flip-phone pictures, it will help if you view them full picture.
Got the riser back today from Dave Lint, and I'm blown away.
Dave did a masterful job, in my opinion.
I caught him at a good time, TOO BAD for you guys, he says he doesn't want to do any riser work right now.
POSSIBLY I am a bad enough customer - - I ruined it for him. reiterate, 18" riser, Pearson Equalizer, with DAS 3rivers plates I robbed off an old DAS riser I got a couple years ago with several sets of plates.
I sent Dave my favorite Jager grip for him to install.....he chose to epoxy up a grip on the grip frame instead, HE NAILED IT. it feels like home.
I put my Centaur longbow limbs on it......went through strings to find a fit with lower brace height. set it at 6.5". NO NOODLING.
Messed with tiller to get it even.
Dave added a lower plunger hole and built the shelf radius for it, so HAHA I added duct tape for a quick shelf cover.
Screwed in a NAP Quick-Tune plunger.
set centershot "about right".
String had a metal nock set on it......left it, for now, it was also "about right" for my norm, at 1/2".
Grabbed arrows, went to the chicken coop target 18 yards.
FIRST 3 went high but tight. softball sized or a bit less. GOOD for me. Beginner's luck. or is it a magic bow?
QUIET no rattles.
I shot several groups and moved back to 25 yards and they opened a little but still good.
BOW SHOOTS GREAT, I love the grip, grips make or kill a bow, for me.
LIMBs are 45# on 17" riser. bolts I screwed mostly in, except for tiller work, as I wanted to see max pounds.
it seems RIGHT TOO as it went 44# at 28".
all in all it's a great day here at LONG FARM. ok not a farm, anymore, but it's still a big yard on the edge of town.........
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CERAKOTE turned out well, just the shade I was hoping for.
Libby the wonder dog had to get her lips in the picture.
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I might take it down for some better pictures tomorrow with a camera - before I scatch & ding heck out of it. Ah hopes Dave doesn't read this.......
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TOM, you got one of these? toss a picture of yours in here.
here's a picture of riser stub altered to fit the DAS plates down on.
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JASON, nice rig, yours!!! so we are like bow bros now.
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Anything in particular that makes this riser special? I had for my first compound bow in 5th grade 1989. It must have been an entry level bow then.
I like these risers, not so much the original grip.
I like a 19" riser, have had plenty of 17s, big DAS fan, and this one is a 'tweener at 18" pretty close.
Original limb pad angles are 15 degrees, pretty DAS-like, I like that.
HAD the DAS gen2/Dalaa plates, already, from an old riser no longer in hands, so that's a plus......I wanted to use them.
I'm real familiar with DAS and like it a lot, so all told, it added up to a good project to send to Dave and see if it all looked do-able, and it all worked out great..........THANKS DAVE.
me too DAVE. Jason's looks hot all the way around, brass knobs & all - - I kind of like the limbs sitting down, I lost a bit of deflex, which is ok with the plan to use longbow limbs........
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nice TOM thanks.
did you (or someone) cut ILF cuts right into the riser deck?
LOOKS like limb bolts moved in, too....17" ??
they have nice lines!
Thanks TOM M - Loc Do is pretty much a wizard with thoughts on this stuff & machines.
I still visit with him, some.
WIsh he was still doing this stuff, & shooting, etc. but he blew a shoulder and got way busy at work when covid hit......and they lost some employess at the shop he works at.
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