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Das ht25 anyone?

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I am hoping we can flood this thread with requests for the ht25 so that 3rivers can get it done. How many of you would rock one? I personally love the ht21 and shot it as well as any 25"...I think a das connected barebow riser with the weighting versatility of the ht would be phenomenal...count me in!
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Also the succes of the gillo gt lineup proves that dampening is valued in the barebow world.
Put me down for a ht25 I would shoot one hell yes.

I do wonder if there's enough demand given the market choices in 25" and of course the new hotness 27" risers.

I love my HT21...but I'm not sure making a longer version would be that much better than my Gillo GT.
I'm always broke, and I don't need it, but I'll support your cause with I AM IN TOO. it sounds like a cool tool.
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... I'm in... I put dibs on the first left-handed pre-order... YES!... first dibs, you heard it here first...

...and make sure it has made in USA on it!... them CD riser people are sure proud of theirs say'n that... just say'n...
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