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I love these types of posts. Really gets me to thinking.

I don't really consider myself a gap shooter, but am aware of my gaps and have found that I shoot better if instead of focusing so much on intentionally setting a gap I set the gap kind of subconciously and then bear down and focus on the spot i want to hit to fine tune my aim, and when it 'feels right' I release. I think this lets me focus more on shot execution and I get a better shot, and it helps me to eliminate those little doubts and distractions that you mentioned.

At ranges past 30 yards, where I have trouble seeing a small spot, I do more of a conventional gap shooting style, but still follow the method I described to some degree with the 'feel factor' telling me when to release.

I don't know if I explained myself well on this but its the best way I know how to explain how I shoot best.

I need to play with this string walking thing some more. I can really see the benefits and I'm all about being the best archer I can be.
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