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what is your job and what is your day like if you can spend more than a 1/2 hour on the computer during the day? i'm just curious. i have been on it today for more minutes than usual but will pay a price tomorrow for sure.
my day began at 4:00a.m. when i got up, had some tea and a half cheese sandwich and got in a tractor. disced until 8:a.m., went home and showered and used the computer while i ate a small breakfast. went to the restaurant and cooked for 5 hours. really busy day! went and had an mri of my spine, went to the filipino hall 20 miles away and participated in a meeting on scholarships. came home and changed and did tractor work until 7:p.m., had a small dinner, showered again and used the computer for a little while.
this has been a slow day for me but i still do not find much time for the computer. how do you do it?
going to bed now. tomorrow i have to get in at least 10 hours of discing and 6 hours of work. probably won't be on tomorrow at all unless in the evening.
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