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Why are they in that particular spot ?
That pussy looks like he could do with a decent feed.

These pics are from a friends trail cam, he has salt set out and it is close to my "A#1 prime" bear set-up... he has pics of 7 different bears on this camera counting cubs...
Yeah, that young Mt. lion is in light summer coat, but he looks to need a good feed...

CCH, this area is super prime for deer, the "old timers" called it Acorn Flats, it isnt flat, but if you follow the human hiking trail to &^%$ Spring, as you turn up in the Canyon and look back and down, it appears to be flat since your just viewing the tree-tops and everything around is so steep, prob.5-6k acs with numerous canyons dropping into it...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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