Very nice set up. Complete ready to hunt got this off of a good friend of mine as a complete package and only want to sell as a complete package. Everything is top quality as far as I know. If I wasn’t strapped for cash I would never let this go. The set up includes :

H2 saddle
Lined men’s belt
Tree tether
Mad rock safeguard
Black diamond carabiners
Sterling HTP 10 mm repair rope
Pull down/bow rope
Three pouches for storing everything
One stick with a flat scout and a three step aider

everything is in great condition to the best of my knowledge. I never even really got a chance to learn how to use this stuff. if you have any questions I will do my best to answer and if I can’t I will message the guy I got it from. we are pretty good friends so it shouldn’t be a problem. Asking 325 OBO I’ll take care of shipping buyer covers fees.

Automotive tire Bicycle handlebar Bicycle part Rim Gas

Wood Gas Military camouflage Auto part Camouflage

Body jewelry Feather Jewellery Headpiece Pattern

Finger Nail Personal protective equipment Thumb Fashion accessory

Glasses Hat Sleeve Grey Personal protective equipment

Automotive tire Wood Bicycle handlebar Audio equipment Electric blue

Drinkware Eyewear Audio equipment Headgear Gas

Grey Clock Eyewear Personal protective equipment Font

Camouflage Military camouflage Automotive tire Grey Headgear