This Cari-Bow Tuktu is an absolute work of art, but entirely ready for your next hunt. It is in great condition as you can see in the pics.

Cari-Bow 62" Tuktu
55# at 28" Draw
$750 TYD
From Cari-Bow:

The Cari-bow recurve bows pack everything you’d expect into a package that is not only functionally superior, but is a working piece of art.

The Tuktu handmade recurve bow was built with high performance in mind, yet it remains among the quietest and smoothest of bows available anywhere, at any price. The Tuktu is sure to meet the needs of any hunter in a variety of terrain and weather conditions. Overlays are added to the riser with attention given to color and form. These same woods are also sandwiched between layers of synthetic fibre to create an attractive tip.

If there is a “secret sauce” to making a great handmade recurve bow, it would have to revolve around the limb structure. I’ve been field testing recurve hunting bows for years, and even won myself a few gold medals in national competitions. Some of my latest recurve bows incorporate static tips, which bring more power early in the draw, while quieting the bow and reducing hand shock. How can a static tip do that? The stiffness brings the power early in the draw, and because the curve does not “flatten out” at full draw, the string rolls along the tip quietly instead of “slapping” the limb when released.
Bow will come well packaged and in the same condition as seen in the photos.