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buffalo down-DJL

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Got these pictures from DJL today...what a beast. I can't wait to hear the details. I think he used an outdated greenhorn victory that puts him in the primitive category right? I hope he doesnt mind me posting bit hunting season is approaching and we need to get fired up!
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Looks like a decent Sable. Bezes look gud.

Ide a shot him with SB without question.

purty harvest.

Impressive! Congrats!

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thank you everybody for the congrats
pay no attention to my spelling. i was better in high school at gym class then english class.
equipment used for the cape buff hunt - 25'' greenhorn victory riser, limbs were border med. cv9s cranked down to 63.5 lbs. arrows were from Valkyrie archery 200 spine full length [ 34 '' long with broadhead] 100 grain ss outsert on the end.
broadhead was from tuffhead 300 grain single bevel. i used a Valkyrie 200 grain broadhead insert. total broadhead weight 500 grains. 980 grains total
for the sable i switched broadheads to a valkyrie 350 grain 3 blade. about 850 grains total
a quick note anton mentioned the 90 lb jim belcher limbs the border limbs shot the same speed as the 90's through the chrono same arrow.
i shoot with a clicker so no short drawing
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a couple of quick stories on buffalo and sable hunt.
the first 3 days leslie [my wife] ,jannie the ph and myself sat waterholes from morning til nite. the second day we had 7 buffalo bulls come in to the waterhole. they were very cautious i was surprized at how cautious they were. 18 to 25 yds face on was about the best. no shot.
3rd day nothing. that nite at supper a tracker told the ph he had found a herd of about 30 bulls. ph ok were going to stalk them tomorrow. i'm thinking i kinda like the safety of the blind lol.
next morning we find all the bulls together. we get the wind in our favor and here we go! the bulls were busy feeding so we were crawling behind the trees . no big trees there everything kinda bushy. i the meantime i'm lookin for a good one to climb.
finally the bulls are coming our way and i can feel my arse getting tight. pretty soon the herd on top of us and i'm hiding behind a small bushy tree. the other hard part is shooting a bull with a hard boss. they're the older bulls the younger ones the horns aren't hard on the top. so you can't shoot just any bull that comes by.
lady luck was on my side the first bull in line the ph says he's the one shoot him. so at 15 yds on the ground he's broadside i draw back and shoot. everything was on autopilot hardly remember the shot . ph says good shot double lung.
wheww pressure off! but these things are tanks. the whole herd thunders off about 400 yds and stops so we wait and look with the binos. i'm not sure how long we waited but it seemed like forever. finally the bull goes down. the tracker and ph start yelling at the herd to spook them off as they don't want to leave there brother as we apporach the bull he looks dead he's facing away from us. so we wait some more. finally we decide its safe as we go over to the bull here comes the herd. one bull looks like he's going to charge so i'm looking for running room and a tree. the buffalo keep coming back i'm thinking we're never gonna get over to the bull. again i don't remember how long but it finally was safe!my arrow had penetrated about 24 '' into the buffalo and hit a rib on other side and stopped. the ph was surprized at the penetration. thats about it. they called for the landcruiser and winched him on to the truck and back to camp
p.s. leslie stayed in camp for the stalking part she knew i can out run her!!
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