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I just has an idea! How brillent an idea that's for ya'll to say... And it may not even be original, However I haven't seen it mentioned on any archery forum to my knowledge
Anyway here it is... If you shoot woodies, and/or make your own arrows you will usually end up with pieces of dowel that are either broken or too short for any other use except kindling.
What I came up with is, if you use "homemade" targets backed with either foam or cardboard and pin animal or FITA or any type of paper target to the foam. cardboard, etc. Why not use a pointed piece of wood dowel that would end up in the fire or trash anyway?
I don't suggest doing this with metal or carbon as those type shafts may splinter. But a solid wooden dowel with a flat end so that it doesn't poke a hole in the hand driven tapered point first into the backing seems to me to be a good idea.
And since the dowel cannot be used for an arrow shaft why not get another archery related use from it?
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