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Bottom hen feather wear, nock point too low?

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Today I noticed my arrows bottom hen feathers are worn-out a bit. I think my nock point is low but need some advice. I can see some wearing on the furry self as well (only at the first half and closer to the side plate) I use only the original plastic side plate plus the original furry without the extra spacers. (Hoyt Satori)

I shoot cheap carbon arrows skylon 700 spine 30” carbon to carbon with 90gr head in this phase . 28,5”DL 32-33# on fingers. Brace high 8.5”, positive 1/8 tiller. 3 under

Now point set to 3/8” (bottom of the brass nock point), I have a second bottom brass nock point installed.

Should I increase only the nock point to 1/2 ? If not the nock point what else can be? A higher draw elbow can effect this kind of things?

Thank you in advance!
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Also note that the first thing that happens is that as the string rolls off the fingers it and the butt of the arrow move left about an inch. Our arrows do not fly straight where pointed.

We tune our tackle and form to cause them to go where we are looking. - lbg
Thank you for your answers!
Anyway I need some new arrows really soon and hope that will solve the problems. I put my rest with gap to take enough gap for the side spacers if necessary.
I just want to understand what happens and want learn as much as possible.
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