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Going on about a month of emails now, thought we were to the place of ordering. Numerous phone calls with no answer that cost me 1.79+ per minute and even each call there cost whether they answer or not. Before anyone starts saying their is a time difference, yes I understand this. I do not think that border archery works 3rd shift. I’ve been calling during normal business hours for them.

I finally recurve another Email after finalizing the order and making sure everything is good and this is what is says. “Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding” I do not understand how these folks stay in business, never has all my questions been fully answered, here I was about to drop a pile of money on a bow setup, it’s ridiculous.

Here is the things I’ve learned so far.

1. Communication to someone via email only, who evidently doesn’t take the time to read the email response you send, then take time to respond to it is an issue.

2. Border measures their limbs all the way out on the tiller bolts as far as weight goes. So if you tell them you want [email protected]” cv9 limbs this is all the way out, they do not know how to tell you where max limb Weight is at on their tempest riser, nor do they know what this weight will be. If I am ordering a custom bow setup from the bowyer, I want to know what the weight is going to be at the best performing place on that riser.

3. I began communicating about what I would like, and have spoke about numerous different options from the tempest with cv9 to the covert hunter with Hex9 and I then get an order form to send half the money. We have never committed to nothing, and not all my of questions have ever been answered.

4. I’ve received countless of personal messages on both forums from previous customers, sharing their emails, their order chaos, their missed weight limbs, their broken limbs, their the messages, etc. something is going on with this outfit and I am glad I’ve done my home work. I also had my original thread froze in the archery talk forum. I’ve heard that some of the mods of these forums get free stuff from the borders or discounts to remove any information that is true but yet they don’t want anyone to know.

5. This is the final step, I have personally after a month or so now dealing with Border Archery via email and never reaching a place of true confidence not getting all of my questions answered have decided to move on. I would love to try the tempest riser, but I believe it’s best to move on.

i hope this thread is never closed, blocked, or deleted. I have spoke my personal on going issues with Border Archery here. They may be the greatest bow ever, however I don’t have time to deal with broken communication and terrible customer service spending a premium price. Grandpa always said: “Treat people right, do good work, stand behind it, and no one can ever fault you.”

When 70 percent of folks who have owned border bows have had issues with limbs snapping, terrible customer service, build time delays, terrible communication. It tells me this company is not living up to my grandpa’s moto, who built an empire of a business known all over the country!

God Bless each of you, I hope that you have a more pleasant and better experience dealing with Border Archery, I hope Border Archery will read this and take some time to think about how they can improve what they are doing.

To each their own but in my opinion with all the competition out there for our archery dollars, there just isn't any reason to deal with folks who make it difficult to do business with them.

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