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Border Reivers is a club run by Border Archery for Border Bow owners. It is not restricted to Border Bow owners though. Border Reivers also has a 3D course at Border Archery.

Went down today and produced a video in 2 parts showing their course. Each Shooting Lane has either 2 or 3 animal targets, each animal being shot from a different peg. 1 Arrow only at each animal. Choose starting peg and then pick your animal. If you pick wrong then your last animal may be obscured. No walking around the pegs to see the shot. Border have their own scoring system. So for 103 animals (varies month to month as do the shooting pegs and animals) a total score of 2060.

I've included the links rather embed the files. iPad still rubbish at displaying videos. Video was not necessarily taken from a shooting peg.

I apologise for shaky video but shooting and taking this is not good and ignore some of the drivel from those shooting.


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