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border limbs/prices

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I was wondering what are the prices of the hexx 6 ilf limbs in us currency. I want a pair of them for a 17 or 19 inch riser. I sent an email to border but havent heard back from them. I was thinking shorts or mediums for my 28" draw. I just have a hard time following there website. Thanks brad
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The Sid's are on Holiday for another week I think. They will have several days of catching up on e-mails, phone etc.

They are back from holiday but still have 2 weeks worth of Emails to go through.
The price I was given 3-4 weeks ago was HEX6 - H BB2 840.00 ,, HEX6 - W BB2 774.00 . A lot of money , but they are exceptional limbs .
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