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border harrier gl vs griffon gl

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what is the difference between the two ? other than a little difference in limb shape .What about performance for same poundage and length.I want a 66" 45#@ 28. I have a 27 1/2 draw length.Sid has a 45# 66" griffon in stock and 3 months for a harrier ??
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The Harrier has more reflex in the limb when unstrung. it also has a longer riser.
this adds speed and mass to the grip area.

the Harrier GL comes with the option of the full pistol grip which makes it the Harrier Royale.

i will see if i can get some photos of two to compair back to back.
Dear Greyfeather,

I have shot both bows: 40#, 66length. Both in the GL (glass-less, carbon faced) version. The difference in limb shape is what makes the difference in performance, I think.
The Griffon is the more trad. design, has less deflex reflex and due to the trad grip design looks more like the old LB is pictured over here in Germany.
The Harrier still is no radical deflex reflex bow (is allowed under IFAA rules). It still looks like a LB, but like a more modern one with the grip set forward. So it is more like a reverse grip LB. The Harrier is also allowed under IFAA rules.

THe Griffon is a great LB (GL version). A 66" bow works well with a 27/28 inch draw, the bow has little handshock, was quite and performed like my 40# Khan RC (glass laminated) in cast, but the Khan-RC had a smoother draw and less handshock. To my finding the Griffon was more accurate than the Khan.
I was in the process of getting myself a seconbd Griffon as backup, when I shot a Harrier.
I sold my Griffon instead and yesterday my secon Harrier arrived.
The Harrier is smoother to draw, has less handshock, a better cast and outperforms both bows: my old Khan and the Griffon easily (same arrow). It is much, much more accurate due to the reverse grip. But as I have a special problem with my wrist (bowhand), other archers may not think the difference in accuracy that big as I do.
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Welcome to the forum Mellerstain.
If you are who i think you are, then you will be very welcome here, Alot of guys here have off Road motorbikes, push bikes, bows and bows and bows. oh and bows.
There are alot of guys into stump shooting as well as full spec Barebow all the way through to hunting.

Hope your well over in Germany.

Sid Jnr here...

Anyhow, as promised

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Hi Sid the younger one,

all in all, the Harrier is the best RH bow I have shot (for raving and 3D) in the last 25 years. The GL Khan was a very good performer, but personally I'm more accurate with the Harrier.
When LH shooting with the Black Douglas the scores were quite comparable to my RH shooting with the Khan and the Griffon. Of course the BD is a better performer, but my RH shooting is better than my LH shooting so in effect the scores were about the same.
However since shooting the Harrier my RH shooting took a step forward and though I work at getting better LH as well the RH scores are higher now. That is clearly due to the stability and the deflex handle design of the Harrier.
By the way, I went to a dirtmasters event today, it was rainy (it has been rainy the last week) and it truly was a dirtmaster downhill event. I had a talk to a pro rider from California. Comming out of the sun he must have thought to experiance cold hell first hand.

all the best to you, Sid
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thanks very much for all the information and pictures.No I am in California USA , sent you a payment for the 46# 66" Harrier GL instock bow a few days ago . I am now just waiting to here that it is shipped. Can not wait to shoot one of your bows ,everyone has great things to say about them ,leon
Take care and good shooting to you with your new LB!
all the best to you
I just wanted to add that I have found BORDER to have great service , you can call them or email them. great company to deal with , leon
Sid, what other longbows do you have in stock?
I also chronographed the Harrier gl .It was 6 ft second faster than any other bow I have .I tested it against bows of the same weight with the same arrow .Without saying names it was faster than an American longbow known for its speed. It is very light weight ,but because it is so smooth easy to hit what you point it at. What I find with most longbows is that they are great out to 30-35 yards and then fade , but the harrier gl was great out to 45-55 yards , and would probable shoot very good farther out if I had tried it at longer distance .Very little drop in my wood 440 grain arrow at 45 yards.I have a 27 1/2 draw length too. The bow 66" [email protected] ...This is now my go to bow !
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