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Well I’ve been eying these for a while now.
So I had some points with lancaster so I used them to make the jump.
I’m re fletching my outdoor arrows, so I went with the 2.0 or 2”.
first thing I noticed is the feel, they are a softer material than any vane I have tried, seem softer than trad vanes.
colors are very limited which is unfortunate.
Flo yellow, apricot, mauve/flo pink, flo green
Price is same as spider vanes and other mylar vanes.
Reading the instructions, says to fletch straight or 1or 2 degrees offset. Well this is where I screwed up, kept my clamp at max left offset.
Fletched up a dozen arrows and to the range I go.
Right off first shot very noisy and every shot after, very noisy.
don’t care if they are noisy it’s outdoor target arrows. They group as well as my feather fletch arrows if not a bit better
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30 yds

liked them so much even with noise I ordered some flo orange 2 3/4” dragon flight vanes for my compound.
This time I fletched straight with 1-2 degrees offset.
I can say follow the directions and there is not a bit of noise with the 2 3/4” quiet as any other vane.
Looking at the max offset df vanes from nock end I can see that the peaks are all exposed due to the max offset. No wonder they are noisy and I’ll bet they will create more drag.
Ordered another pack to start over.

my process to fletch these vanes. I’ll run the AAE prep pen down the vane base then run a small bead of gorilla glue impact down the base and apply to the shaft and hold for 10-15 seconds.
take clamp off, rotate and start new vane.
I can’t pull a vane off with pliers, vane will rip before separate from the base.
I have read reviews and some have had problems with vanes not sticking to the shaft.

More to come once the replacement vanes come in and do some more testing.
unfortunately it’s not the best time of year to shoot outdoors at longer distance in Wyoming.


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Beat me to it. Here are mine, 70mm (2 & 3/4"). Not convinced by the 'orange'. Look less weird in the photo than in front of me. I shoot high viz 'blaze' orange on all my hunting rigs & this colour is not it. Still should look like grey to ungulates (goats, deer, pigs) though.

Feet look a lot easier to glue than the AAE TradVanes, but then just about anything would be. I shoot the 4" TradVanes off the shelf with no trouble, so assuming I can these shorties. Only shoot vanes as my 'wet' arrows, a couple always in the quiver. Tradvanes are reasonably quiet, so was assuming these might be too.

Will give them a go on next visit to the local club, maybe Monday.

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