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I know competition scores are what we commonly see but Chris' (chrstphr on archerytalk) thread on the Korean women's amazing scores prompted me to wonder:

What is your personal best practice score(any round type or endeavor)?

What scores have you witnessed others achieve that you find amazing,inspiring etc?

Link to Korean women practice score

No need for debate; simply talking for fun/ observation

I'll go first:

My best practice score was when I shot 140 for the first half of a 300 round.

A shot/score that always comes to mind was 10 years ago. I only shot longbow then and was out for a hike with my future wife. At the top of a hill she asked me " can you hit that pine-cone down there"? I said i would do my best for her. She kissed my bow for good luck (awww.. I know lol) I then shot 2 arrows and made a 2" group, touching and moving the pine cone. I remember being very relaxed and completely in the zone. She exclaimed "WOW you really are good". Pacing off the downhill shot came to 84 steps. Welp, I wasn't as good as it seemed but it was a memorable practice round none the less.

As far as someone else's practice scores, I always find the blind archers shooting and practice amazing. Talk about "feel". Very cool.

Now your turn. Don't be afraid to talk about yourself-- that's the point; to inspire.

Ok. Stories and scores. Go!

Ps I just posted this over at archerytalk if you want to read what some of the folks over there will have to say.

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My best 300 round score with a recurve was two weeks ago in league, a 290 24x. My best scores on the Vegas face were 281 on a 300 and 420 on a 450. Both were about a year ago. Last year I became only the second RU guy to break 400 in Cleveland with a 401. Scott Antczak was the first, and still holds the record at 406. My dumb luck Jared shot a 405 right behind me last year to take the win.

We have a local 3D circuit called the Midwest Archery Championship (MAC). There are several qualifiers at various clubs throughout the year, 30 targets, center 12 and either 25 or 30 yards max at the time. In 2003 I shot a 312 with my Palmer hunting bow and no clicker (pre-TP). As far as I know, it's still the RU record for a MAC shoot.

My local club holds indoor 3D shoots during the winter months. They're 30 targets out to 30 yards with center 12s scoring. My best three rounds this year were 324, 326 and 328, all with my IBO RU setup.

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I don't shoot 300 rounds as we have no indoor range close but in 2009 at a 2 day, 40 x 3D per day trad shoot I shot 764 with a longbow and wood arrows. 2nd place was 620 something.

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I've shot a 398 out of a possible 400 on my old clubs 3D round.

Best in real competition was a 380.

I need to practice more with somebodies kid whinging an carrying on in the back ground.
A couple of wimin that won't shut up about their boy friends probably wouldn't hurt either.
A mate telling me not to shoot THAT TREE is on the same level.

Practice rounds mean NOTHING,,,their just not the real world.


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Many years ago,1973, I went to the Fresno Safari in central California, The Safari at that time was the biggest shoot in the country and the precursor to the Redding Shoot of today. I was still shooting my old Groves recurve even though most of the top competitors had switched over to early compounds. California had a Bowhunter class archer who would win the Nfaa national championship 5 years in a row named Cal Vogt. This was my first time going to the safari and all the top barebow types of that time shot together for the two days. After the first day, I had a 4 or 6 point lead over the pack and that made me the focus of several conversations that evening about penciling in scores because there couldn't possibly be anyone capable of beating Cal at that time, comments made in my presence by people who didn't know me from adam and made without the knowledge that we had shot side by side. Scoring in those days was like Nfaa animal round scoring, 1st arrow=20 for kill and 16 for wound.With about 3-4 targets to go, we get to the trademark of the Safari, a freestanding elephant downhill at 93 yards and I was clinging to a 2 or 4 point lead. Cal, in an attempt to put pressure on challenged me to a 10 dollar wager, closest arrow to the spot.He shot and his arrow landed just outside the kill ring at 3 o'clock. My arrow hit just inside the kill ring at 3 o'clock and we finished out the last few targets Giving me my first major victory. Shortly thereafter, I got my my first compound. Now, 39 years later, I rekindled the recurve experience in 2012.

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Three memorable Longbow scores for me were 265 on 300 round, 399 on Hunter round (home range/flat course) both practice and a 518 on Unmarked IFAA 3D at Europeans, 2 points higher than Graham Holmes winning Recurve score, anyone who knows him, will know that he was a shooting machine (10 World/Euro titles). The good old days when I could shoot lol

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Nothing like some here are shooting but are my personal best

Vegas 450, 382
Vegas 300, 260
NFAA 300, 267

All this year so far.

previous years
Vegas 450, mid 340
Vegas 300, 240
NFAA 300, 248

Thanks for your help Rod. It will get better


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My best practice scores to date:
Nfaa 300 - 281
Fita 600 - 539
Fita 300 - 271 (shot this 4-5 times, but can't seem to find that elusive 272)

For 3d my best scores are a 267 for an indoor course with 35 yard max. Outdoors with a 30 yard max my best is a 288.

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Sean, that is awesome shooting for anyone, let alone a rookie! I can't wait to see where barebow takes you.

Fita barebow
Vegas = 287
Fita 600 = 565
Nfaa 300 = 296

I rarely shoot with a stabilizer
Nfaa trad
Vegas= 288
Fita 600 = 573
Nfaa 300 = 298

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300 round with longbow and wood arrows - 256

300 round with my hunting bow, 58" recurve and carbon arrows -260

I'm a little new to this, I shot my first ever 300 round in December. The 256 was last week in practice for the sectionals. The 260 was yesterday because I was curious what I could do with my hunting bow.

I've also messed around with some field rounds in the past using my hunting bow. My 14 target best was somewhere in the 180's. I'm looking forward to getting to that number with my longbow and wood arrows.
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