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Most of the Ben Pearson catalogs are on line at, in the forum listed under "first set of catalogs". But only one Sovereign catalog is there.

I can't make sense of the "serial" numbers, except some bows in the 1970's serial number's started with the month and year.

All I can tell you is in 1965 the Lord Mercury was model number 1060 66" $150
and 1058 was 70". And two more are listed here:

Lord Mercury, 1969, No. 7176, 66 inch

Lord Mercury, 1969, No. 7177, 70 inch


25 to 45 lb.

White Pearsonite glass

Pistol grip with thumb rest

East India rosewood with contrasting laminates two thin black strip through c center of bow, two thin strips through handle point on face of bow. Has two Mercury cushioned power recoil and torque absorbers

7 1/2 to 8 1/4 inch brace height

8 inch sight window

Double padded vinyl with soft flannel lining, inside sight pocket bow case

$ 195
Lord Mercury, 1970, No. 7176, 66 inches

Lord mercury, 1970, No. 7177, 70 inches


30 to 45 lb.

7 1/2 to 8 1/4 inch brace height

white glass

East India Rosewood with contrasting laminates, built in mercury cushion cartridges

8 inch sight window

Tapped for stabilizer

tips of belly of handle squared off for sight Two thin black strips thru center of handle

two thin strips thru squared off tips, with light divider on each side and between

$ 210
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