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Bear 17" mini-mag longbow project

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some time ago I got a Bear mini-mag 17" riser with the square bracket for limbs to slide into.
LOOKED it all over and it was spotless, too nice for me, so I sold it.
I liked the idea of fitting ILF limbs to it.
GOT another riser....from Bowbaker ON LW...decided not to fit ILF limbs to it.
I was visiting with Dave Lint, and I sent him my look over....
DAVE makes limbs and longbows. In visiting, DAVE said he could make a form a little different than his normal LONGBOW limbs model & get them to work in this riser.
SO he bought the materials and made my limbs, bamboo cores & black glass, and bacote wedges & butts & phenolic tips.
I got it back yesterday, put it together, 8 inch brace initially, quick, wanted to shoot it right away.
Stuck my SRF sight in sight window, set it close enough with a long arrow I use.......
Stuck down a crude shelf pad, stuck in an old Berger button......set centershot kind of quick and dirty..... SHOT IT A FEW GROUPS at 20 yards.......quiet & pretty quick.....shot where I was looking I THINK haha.
I had an eye exam earlier in the day and got my eyes dilated, so I was not my normal self - - so will shoot more tomorrow.
Bow looks good, shoots good, quiet, fits me well.....NICE LITTLE metal riser LONGBOW.
I know they are not for everyone, but.....I like it. Thanks JESS STUART for the riser and DAVE LINT for all your help with this.
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Nice longbow Steve. I recently did a build myself. Totally different feel. I love how you SRF system mounts. If other risers had that type of mounting, I could see all sorts of sight possibilities. Enjoy your bow!
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