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No mate, haven't had the chance to figure that out. I'm waiting for better weather and some time to go to the outdoor range.
I don't have an actual plan what I want to shoot, not hunting - my wife will burn al my archery stuff - but 3D sounds very appealing.
I think I'm doing well up to 20yd, at least well enough to not give up 😁
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There's clearly a barrier at 20yd, probably from so many years shooting this distance. I'm never motivated by the scoring. I get more kick from a perfectly released arrow due to a good, fluent form than from some lucky Xs.
When shooting instinctive, there's no physical aiming system, you can only rely on your form and execution and each time am doing it properly the arrow is hitting the point am looking at! It really feels like Magic!
As soon as the weather allows it I'm going out and practice longer distances and will try to find that point blank.
Thanks for the advice
Tennis ball groups at 20, looks like you're well on the path. That 'magic' buzz is what it's all about - why so many of us choose to aim the ancient way, no assistance nor prostheses. It is the 'art' of it. You and your gear are already a system, and if integrated accuracy will naturally happen at increasing distances. You will clearly cruise past your existing range ceiling with practice.

What you are doing at 20, you will soon be doing at 30, each increase in distance asking that you more deeply integrate your confidence, focus and form. Awesome.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts