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Could use a little help here folks...we got a "Family Union Thanksgiving" sort of thing coming up where our entire family from all sides has rented out some of those Mansion Cabins in "Blue Ridge" and? sister in-law just notified me that two of my brother in-laws wanna get in the hunting wood s if possible while we're there and asked me to look into it.

We'll only be springing for "3-Day Big Game Non-Resident" hunting licenses as we'll only be there a total of about 6 days.

Basically?...I'm just asking for a little local knowledge of where the hot places are...I spoke with a Ranger in the Blue-Ridge WMA and he was recommending the "Lake Russell" WMA..said it's usually crowded but because it's a productive area.

any other recommendations?

Also?...I know it "Firearm" season but I'd rather stick one but know it isn't always a great idea and frowned upon to be spot-n-stalk bow during gun season...what's the consensus there?

and thanks for any other help and/or advise you may be able to give that might make it a more enjoyable hunt for my in-laws..myself and possibly my father.
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