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American Bowyer elb or American flat bow

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Hi guys,
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good custom maker?
my requirements are 31.5” draw. 50lbs at draw length.
long as possible bow. Fast flite compatible. Elb or american flat bow (still want it long for good string angles) I’d rather have a slightly stiff handle or supreme tillering that doesn’t rattle head. Multi lam or self fine.
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Northern Mist
Hill Archery
Sunset Hill
I don’t know if Shultz son is building bows
Any of these will be my choice. The order is random.

For selfbows last time I checked Ryan Gill’s bows or Swiftwood bows - the makers I was interested into - moved the prices from $700 3 years ago up North of $2,000
Howard Hiil Archery will make you a 72" longbow. They have made more longbows than any maker, by far. Many of us prefer them to all others and have owned several, or many, of them. Better get one; a man has got to know. - lbg
Thanks guys. I will look at all of those. I don’t like the super deep grips either. And I should’ve specified. No glass.
No offense to anyone but there’s no way I’d pay 2k for a wood bow or any non ilf full riser and limbs setup. Some of the art bows are cool like Blacktail but still not my cup of tea. To each their own. I’m waiting to hear back from some foreign bowyers on how/if they would ship a non takedown elb. Found a couple who do superb work just looking local USA first.
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