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I went back to Auckland, New Zealand for a week and managed to squeeze in an afternoon shoot at the Massey Archery Club . I was a member about 15 years ago when I shot compound, so this was a return with an unsighted recurve. I paid my fee ($10 for a visitor) and shot a round!

If you are ever in Auckland, New Zealand - bring your bow!!

Perfect dry weather (i.e. not muddy) and an AWESOME setting, only 25 minutes from the CBD.

I was running out of time, so only shot 1 of the 4 courses on offer. And this time shooting with my Hoyt GM2 recurve with stock 35# limbs. It all reminded me how bad I am at instinctive LOL

First stop - the practice range, with covered shooting lanes. Lots of targets… was about a 60 yard range max.

And then into the undulating bush setting with plenty of challenging targets (uphill, downhill, partially obstructed) and unmarked distances ranging from 5 yards to 50 yards at a guess. Based on your grade, you shoot from one of the coloured pegs in the ground. I was using the closest one :)

A nice downhill shot for target #1:

A great "tree stand" set up:

Target view from the "tree stand" - about 20 and 35 yards away.

The actual peg for this obscured target in the open grade compound shooters is about 40 yards away on a platform… this is from the "novice" peg about 10 yards away (zoomed in camera):

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