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A Chance To Help Out A Serviceman.

The following is a post from another forum to which I belong.

The member doesn't know I am posting here, so there is no need to reply.

The guy is a square shooter,

He is looking to get his kid off base for a day.

In turn, he is making a VERY GENEROUS offer..

Hi Folks, My son is stationed at Ft Hood. I haven't had a chance to hunt with him in over 2 years due to his commitments. I was hoping to find someone that may be willing to take him under their wing and take him pig hunting sometime in the near future. In exchange you can come to WI and hunt whitetail, turkey or salmon fish on private property with a decent cabin to stay in for as long as you'd like (would like to keep it to 2 people) this is for the bow, gun or muzzleloader season. I would recommend the last week of Oct with bow that way you can fish from my beach for salmon. He would need to borrow a rifle etc. if interested please PM me. He has his own car so he can come to you.

Thanks, John
His email is

[email protected]
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