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Hello,i see there is no more shooter scores section.So if this post should not be here please move it.I dabbled with sw a little last year,for some reason not for long.I,m on vacation in florida and they shoot a modified 900,they shoot a 600.60,50,40 yards.Quite a few stringwalkers.I was shooting gap.So what the hay,i,ll try it again.
I changed my setup guite a bit.

25in. pse x-factor
sf,elte-+ 37lbs.on fingers
cabontec-650s cheeta,s
65gr tips,screw in inserts
1 1/2" vanes weight
magnetic rest and plunger

My point on is 50yds.with 3 under.Middle finger corner of mouth.
Thats the stringwalking part.Now for the 900 round.
Today as practice i shoot a 900 round.First time ever.
Shot a 668.Don,t know if that is good or bad,but sure is fun and challenging.
I started sw last week.I have a long way to go with this. Will stick with it for a while to see where it takes me.
Probably had 10-12 target panick shots also. Not going to quit till i hit 700 YAHOO. Thanks for listening.

( Rob )
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And the MAA state field archery championships is in the U.P. the weekend before
the Trad world... shewwww. I want to hit all three,,, may have to give up the field one
this year. Wouldn't miss the trad world or the 900... Too many events..... not enough
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