70" ILF Longbow Setup $260 TYD

This is kind of a bummer, but I need to part with this ILF setup. I got some friendly help putting it together here on the forum and it shoots great, but I just don't have much time for shooting these days. And rather than just let it hang on the wall forever, I think it's better to sell.

Limbs are DAS XLong 35# on a 17" riser and with LImbsavers attached. Riser is an economy, but pretty nice, Kinetic Scopus 23" to make a ~70" bow. 67" string included also. This would be a great longbow for a tall person. At my 32"+ draw length I estimated draw weight to be around 37#. Riser has a patterned matt finish. Cover or replace those shiny limb bolts and you will have a nice hunting bow.

I bought limbs lightly used. Riser is basically in new condition. I shot this bow just a few times and both draw and shots are super smooth. Very nice!

$260 TYD shipped insured USPS Priority or UPS.

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