10 bows on pic but for sale are 5 now (whats left in storage). Poundage is quite accurate but I have verified with a scale that is not very exact...
From left:
n3 Black River 60" and [email protected], very fast and stunning looks. Stacks at my 29" though. Very similar to the Acadian Woods treestick I feel. 550 TYD
n4 Bob Lee 62" [email protected] In very good condition but some varnish blemish back on limb close to riser, just estethically. 625 TYD
n6 Great Plainsman 66" [email protected] Beautiful bow and great shooter. 525 TYD SOLD
n9 Leon Stewart Slammer w 2 set of limbs. Can not praise this bow enough. The looks and performance are top, the woods are just pure art. 64" 38 and 44#, 950 TYD
n10 Sky Rogue 66" 54#. A rare collectors piece and a splendid bow. Massive riser and swift limbs, some wear but sound condition. 380 TYD
More pics on request. [email protected]

No fees on you, all taken care of already in price. Shipping is about 5-8 days w Fedex. TYD means CONUS.