Left to right:

1. $50: WNS Explore wood glass, 26 pound longs on 25 inch riser. Super cool green camo Limbsations. Pulled 33 pounds on my 19 inch riser for 3D.

2. $125: Trad Tech Black Max wood glass by Samick, 40 pound longs on 17 inch riser.

3. $150: Extra long DAS bamboo core long bow limbs, 40 pounds on 17 inch riser. Brand new limbs, paid $199

4. $325: Uukha Extra Long SX50 limbs, 34 pounds on 25 inch riser. Same limbs as Uukha Gobi. Paid $450 last year, Three Rivers is selling Gobi's for $499. Best limbs I have ever shot. Only selling because I'm moving up in draw weight and getting another set. Include limb sleeves

All recurve limbs have limbsavers on them. All prices shipped to your door

Payment through Venmo.

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Snow Slope Metal Titanium Landscape