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I've had my new Titan and medium SF premium limbs for 3 weeks now.
Got me a 60" 33lb @28" bow I draw to 29".
I could wind it up to 35-36lb but I can't be bothered
When I picked up the limbs the shop only had B50 strings so for the first time in many years I set a bow up with Dacron.
With only a floss nock point on the string and shooting off an NAP Flipper rest,the 2040 CE Predators shoot stiff and I ran out of adjustment to change that so I'm just working with it for now.
The bow was top heavy so I ordered some limbsavers and an S coil stabiliser to help with noise, vibration and balance.
Well two out of three ain't bad, I got the vibration killed dead and the noise is now no more than most longbows I've owned.
I did add my own 20 wrap purewool fluffy things to the string as well.
But the balance is still poor and I need to think about keeping the bow still at full draw to much, so another cunning plan is a foot to fix that.
I'm going to have to cast a lead weight to go in the internal weight pocket under the bottom limb, and that should sort it.

I have a 6 target course in my back yard which is a 2 acre paddock with a 90 yard gravel-dirt drive way enclosed with old poplar trees running through it and an old disused cow shed at the end.
I can shoot steep down hill off my front lawn, under trees and over a bank for 20 to 40 yards, across the paddock in 10-20-30 yard steps, down the old drive at any distance out to 70 yards that doesn't scare me to much, and back to the 20-40 yard targets from the other direction, mostly shooting from different positions each time I shoot the same target again.
Most of my targets bags are set so if I miss the bag altogether, I lose or destroy my arrow.
A fitting punishment and competition pressure all in one.:p
All my bags are smaller than most med/large deer, goat, pig sized 3D targets

I started with six Predators and now I've got three left, but those three are doing some shooting right now.
The bow, it shoots like a dream and the lower draw weight is helping me practice holding and turning off when I come to full draw.
Sometimes it takes a few seconds but when I do turn off, or "go cold" as I also think of it, I become totally focused and my vision of the target becomes clearer, and from there everything always works to perfection.
The first few day's I shot the Titan I had none of those moments, but now after shooting, tuning and settling in, I'm finding that after a short warm up I can turn it on at will and I'm shooting better now than ever before.
I don't care about form much, just a few key areas have to be right an the rest flows on from there.
When I fluff a shot I know why and just do it properly on the next shot.
Since this has been a rebuilding thing from day one, I've changed my old mind set along with a few other things.
I've stopped using my old mantra and now just focus on turning off as I acquire my target at full draw.
I looked at everything I've done and found I've always been more ""uncanny"" accurate when shooting at animals so I looked at that more closely and found my little old trick of going cold when ever I had to kill something.
I've done this thing since day one critter one, I've always disassociated myself from the situation so I can do what I need to do, and it won't make me sick..
Nobody ever taught me to do this, never thought about it much before, it's just how I've always handled killing things.
Weather it be cutting a sheep's throat for the family table, knocking out an sticking a pig, pulling the trigger on a 300 yard rifle shot at a deer in the open or a very close up an personal bow shot.
I need to disassociate myself from it because I don't like much about the whole killing thing in general.
When it was making mutton I would always say a quiet sorry to the victim and then turn off an kill it.
When I've shot at animals with my bows, I've usually waited until something clicks inside, then I say to myself "now" and I turn off and do it.
But target shooting has always been more about physical form for me, trying to have good form but not thinking to much about trying to have good form.
Practicing good form until you had it sussed but then blowing it all on the line on the day.

Then going home and practicing good form again.
Something had to change.

I've read a few good books that talk about concentration and focus in sports recently, everybody should read them.
My going cold or turning off is just the focus and concentration that is spoken about in them, but it wasn't until I read it that I recognised it for what it really was to me.

I get this funny feeling it goes back to when we all hunted to live, or we died.
Something to do with being a predator.
Being able for fast an short periods to focus and concentrate completely on a single given action to the total exclusion of all else.

Anyway,it's going pretty good so far aye,
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