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    Hey all, I was reading some comments on string silencers and there were quite a few that said they favored yarn puffs. I used to use them and made them myself, but went to cat whiskers because I didn't like separating the string and stuffing that large wad in my string. So, I wondered if...
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    Has anyone tried twisting yarn into their loops for padding in their Flemish strings? If so, was it effective or did it cause the twist to be loose?
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    I have tried a lot of different silencers, cats whiskers, dyna puffs, nylon serving, hush puppies, navajo string silencers etc. Some weere better than others. They all worked, but at different weights. Any way, I settled on wool yarn inserted through the string. I like to keep them about...
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    I added some yarn string silencers and my arrows are fish tailing (mostly side to side). My brace height is the same. What's the deal? Bear Kodiak Magnum #50 Everything was god before adding the silencers. It did make the string dead silent. Thanks in advance for any help! Sod
  5. Hunting Camp
    How many strands are typical?
1-5 of 5 Results