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  1. Archery Accessories
    Thought I'd post here before buying new... Looking for ILF limb pads for a DAS riser. Or I'd be willing to trade the DAS plates for the ILF plates (these are from my lightly used Gen 2 riser -- the hardware and rubber pads are in fine shape). Thanks!
  2. Bows
    WTT a set of blackmax 2.0 45# long limbs (mint) for a set of blackmax 2.0 35# long (mint).
  3. Wtt

    A 19 in satori riser for a 17 in it is buck skin and in great shape
  4. Bows
    Sell Camo DAS Tribute Just got this riser a week or two ago. I am coming back from my forth bow arm rotator cuff injury. I laid off shooting for two years. Just came back about a month ago. I like the riser but it is too much for my shoulder. I wanted a camo DAS but can't handle this one yet...
1-4 of 64 Results