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    I was looking through my room of treasures finding things to sell to generate money for my next bow and came up with a Sky Hunter Supreme [email protected] It's got some scratches on the limbs but nothing at all structurally wrong. What's it worth?
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    since they are free. some are recurve some compound. there is useful re-enforcement in the vidoes. they are worth the price to watch even if it is FITA archery type stuff. rusty
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    I have a couple bows, one made by Bob Lee, and one made by Schafer from Montana. What is the best way to do research on these and determine what I have? I bought these a while back (10 years) from my brother, and ended up liking a bow that I made myself.
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    This is with the thread I posted "How straight is straight enough?". Do you see any advantage for the average archer to pay X-amount of $$ extra for +/-0.001 compared to +/-0.006 shafts?
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    Viper made a REALLY good point in another thread that is worth repeating. (Paraphrase) "An anchor is NOT the corner of the mouth or cheek etc. Those are TOUCH points. Anchor is BONE ON BONE..IE thumb bone on jaw bone."
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    Hello all. I have just traded for some limbs. W&W Everest Pro limbs. They are the carbon/foam limbs. They are no longer offered by W&W, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Would like to know the good/bad of them. Thanks in advance. Tim
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    Can anyone tell me what a Hill recurve Black ace 70"34# would be worth? Thanks,GUS.
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    My father has two bows that he wants me to sell. I am not sure exactly what range to ask for. They are older bows, so I was just wanting to make sure that they are not some kind of collector's item. Here are the descriptions: Mace recurve (with the logo of a ball and chain) 1059 58" 59-106...
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    one of the guys here at the shop has an old bear kodiak dual shelf bow. 64" 61#. 1953? does anyone know what it's worth? he wants to sell it. larry
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    I shoot a 50# longbow, and have been looking for something a little heavyer. At the range tonight A guy brought in an 83# 62" Jeffery recurve. I shot my best trad 3-d round ever with it! I chronographed it at 180 fps with a 700 gr arrow. It's an older bow (he's not sure how old) but in good...
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    I see these kinds of threads about expensive bows all the time. Mostly they are pointed at Widows. What is a base line widow, 900 bucks? Let's see, I shoot about 40 arrows a day, 5 days a week. Over 5 years that is 52,000 shots. That brings the bow cost down to 1.7 cents a shot. That is 70...
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    I wanted to give everyone a heads-up on two new products that I added to the catalog today after quite a bit of time spent sourcing them. I brought them into the catalog because I've found them to be ideal for bowhunters. 1st is the Becker Necker Knife. I can't say enough about this knife...
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    My wife recently posed an interesting question as she stared at the 50 plus bows I have hanging everywhere in our basement."How much money do you have tied in those things?" Good question...... I never really thought about it.I read a post where a guy was complaining about the prices used bows...
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    The Royal Armouries in Leeds, the national museum of arms and armour, has created a new trophy to be presented to the winner of the UK’s largest traditional longbow archery competition. Thousands of people take part in UK longbow competitions, prompting the Armouries to design and create the...
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    I picked up my Border Black Douglas Swift T/D recurve with HexIV limbs that I bought from JJ today at The Archery Shop. Since I bought it used, I realized a good savings. Let me start off by saying I've only shot the bow about a couple dozen times thus far, BUT, the bow is DEFINITELY worth...
41-56 of 56 Results