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    How was day one? Wish I was there.
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    Hope we have a good turnout. We're headed out Wed monrning.
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 32 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Drew and Andy Kohlhofer of Selway Archery and Logan Glassburn reviewing the two epic weekends we recently had at IBO Traditional World Championship as well as the weekend spent at ETAR Denton Hill. We also bring...
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    What is max for Red stake at Trad Worlds for Cub and Eagle?
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    Might as well get it started with some pictures. Tomorrow starts the first day of competition. Here are a bunch of practice shots and some scenery Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I guess I'll start off a thread with some pics and stories. Here is the senior trad group. Up front we have Mike Wilson who ended up being the wire to wire winner. This guy has worked really hard for this and it was an awesome sight to see him pull it off.. This meant soo much for him, and...
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    Well now that the werd is officially out! Yes, the event is coming back to the Historic Twin Oaks Bowhunters Farm in Tenn 2017. I bet it was quite a nice surprise to see some Bow Hunter range targets this year on the Championship Coarse! By the feedback after awards, my guess is yer going to...
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    Had blast shot like phoey. Meet a bunch of people. Humity gave my arrows a bunch of extra wweight. Still made the top 10 cut, but had to bug out due to a family issue. Made the selfbow top 12. Finished 3rd but let Arvin whip me in the shootout. Still to make the cut for the IBO senior...
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    I can't believe their isn't a thread I'll start one. Looks like rain in Clarksville TN Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I hope we can get a dry window for the shoot. I'll be driving in and arrive around 2PM Thursday. Check in to the "no tell motel" and slip on down to Twin oaks for some...
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    Just wondering who all is planning on attending the Trad Worlds this year at Twin Oaks?? Dewayne Martin
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    The new 2016 rules for the IBO Trad Worlds has been posted. There are some equipment rule changes in a couple of classes. Mark
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    We're here and ready to shoot. Course looks good. The moved it to the other side of the IX Center. Couple pics:
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    Anyone else shooting this? I am just getting started, but have been practicing pretty hard. The luck of a flexible job, and good weather has been allowing me to get a few rounds on the local 3d course this week. Yardage judging has been my main focus when in the woods, and its nice to not just...
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    Hopefully we can get some guys to post up some pics and updates. To all of those going, good luck and have fun. Sure do miss not being there this year. I'll see you all next year. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  15. TradTalk Main Forum In case any plan to 'spectate' ;-)
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    Come on slackers - post up!!
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Good luck to everyone attending Trad Worlds I have a lot of friends attending Wish I could of gone Please keep us posted :)
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    We are packing up today and headed out at Zero dark thirty in the morning on our way to Clarksville, TN for this week and then on to Coudersport, PA for next week. Will be checking voicemails and emails when coverage is available. Mike
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    Can anyone please enlighten me as to what the Bathroom/showering Facilities are at the Trad Worlds, and also the dining/food vending situation also??....Thanks in advance!...........Jim
1-19 of 114 Results