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  1. Fitness Forum
    Who needs stretch bands-we have bows. Just picked up an older recurve I use to shoot. 10 slow draws to anchor -slowly let down. switch hands and repeat to strenghthen both sides equally.:cheers:
  2. Fitness Forum
    Hydroslim is a natural and fast acting pre-workout drink which supports weight loss and lean muscle mass growth. It contains a unique formula of all natural and active ingredients that support thermogenic enhancing matrix in your body. These ingredients are the basic components used in weight...
  3. Fitness Forum
    So, if you need to get in shape, do this workout 3 times a week. If you can only do it once the first time, work up to being able to do it three times during one workout. I guarantee, only those in shape can do this workout more than once, the first time they try it. Read about it here...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    About 2 months ago A friend turned me onto an unbelievable new workout plan for my shoulders. Please give this a try. Take two five pound potato bags, one in each hand and try to hold them straight out from your body for one minute. This might take a week to accomplish, depending on age and...
  5. Fitness Forum
    I feel that it is almost necissary for archers to be in shape. i am myself but i am only 17, 5'6'' and 118lbs. I think the key muscles to keep strong when shooting a bow are your back/shoulder muscles which do the actual pulling when drawing a bow, and forearm which also aide in the pull of the...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    ... is a PSE Kingfisher. I've mentioned it before, but I think it's rather nifty, so I thought I'd go into detail. You can get this 60" bow for about $100 new. It stacks severely for people with long draws like myself. So my limbs, marked as 45#@28", pull 55# at my 31" draw length. That's 4#...
  7. Fitness Forum
    lets see what the old folks home has ya'll doing for your hour of recess? lmao! ;) to keep ya'll in good shooting form yanno ;)
1-7 of 11 Results