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  1. Hunting Camp
    They came from all directions.
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Yesterday was nice so I dragged out my field bow, Gillo G1 in 36# and started working on my gaps again. Haven't shot any field in a while. In my yard, I have marked off with buried bricks yardages from 15 yards every 5 yards to 55 yards. 60 is in the middle of the street, not too safe. I can go...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    If you had set of longbow limbs (long), On a 19 inch riser and then put the same lambs on a 17 inch riser if draw length stayed the same would you be effectively working the limb more? I ask because I have a set of longs on my 19” riser and with my 26.5 “ draw I don’t feel like I am getting...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Looks as if the photo fix is working!!! Nice that they left a path to view the original size if wanted, although I, for one, will not miss having to scroll endlessly to try and figure out what is portrayed!!!
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    after a 20 yrs absence from trad archery I started shooting my recurves and longbows again last october, with a new vision to get better than I used to be I used to shoot strictly instinctive, and for a good stretch killed a ton of deer moose, bears with my longbow. started to aim point on as a...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    After returning home from a work trip, I had a present waiting for me. I've read so much about the covert hunters, and had high expectations, but wow it still blew me away once I had my hands on it. Between the craftsmanship and the feel of the hex 7.5 I'm hooked. Truly does seem like the...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    With a new to me JD Berry "Misty Dawn" ASL String Follow Longbow due to arrive tomorrow?...I got all psych'ed up about getting some wood shafting in order for it where I had 18 Tapered Mahogany wood shafts still sitting in the tube they arrived here in back in July of 2016...shame on me...but...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi, I have been trying to contact Border by email, but get on answer. We tryed both emails (Duncan´s and Ann´s). Do anyone know if there is any problem with their emails? Thanks Martin
  9. Suggestions and Issues
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Just an observation, as I shoot an older recurve with a feather rest, that canting the bow is working much better for me than holding the bow vertically. I spent a good six weeks straight trying to only shoot a vertical bow, which was working out pretty well, overall. Two weeks ago I switched...
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    Maybe not a bow story but I didn't want you to miss this story. So give thanks for what you have....jer
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    So I recently received a new riser and limb setup: Samick Athlete metallic grey 23" riser on clearance and TradTech medium 40lb Carbon/Wood limbs, Cartel Arrow rest and plunger, for a 64" barebow setup. This is my first ILF bow after 2 years of shooting traditional longbow & recurve. The Samick...
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    So have not been on here for the better part of two years. Started a new job and been developing a new archery program. I am an Adventure Program Coordinator at an Addiction Rehab in PA. We currently run the first Recovery-based Archery program in the country. I wanted to put my passion of...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ben has me holding and aiming longer than I want it's helping most of the time ! This holding for 10 seconds is working on controlling my panic. I am working on it being ok to aim and not shoot on the move. Shooting on the move something I am REALLY good at lol Thanks Ben
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Here is a question for you Vegas veterans. I am working on setting up my return flight home from the Vegas shoot on the 8th. So what time will this event be ending on the 8th? I am assuming that there will be some sort of a shuttle service back to the airport. According to the NFAA website...
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    Fellas this is the best place I've found to learn, and I don't want to wear out my welcome which has been substantial. Maybe I shouldn't be posting on this main page. That having been said this is the way I've been aiming. For me twas a bit of a breakthrough but it's still not putting arrows...
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Guys this is a boring video of me working on one aspect of my shot on the bail Coming to anchor Some of you are very into critiquing form so have at it I am looking for flaws and comments I am three weeks into engraining .things and tonight I just wanted to concentrate on anchoring the same...
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    All this form work at 34 pounds I really was craving some weight I grabbed a 55 # hunting rig and wanted to do some shots Wanted to slow mo the shots with phone to see what is going on Sorry about the art work :) but I wanted to see my back Still to much head movement But It felt great...
1-18 of 42 Results