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    W&W WINEX (DAS Kinetic) recurve limbs, stealth finish (One set sold, one remaining for sale) I have W&W WINEX recurve limbs for sale. These were custom finished and sold by DAS as part of the "DAS Master Hunter package" (they were top of the W&W lineup at $580/set). The finish is a stealthy...
  2. Bows
    SOLD Winex (PSE Expression) 44# Longs SOLD Bob Morrison did the Copperhead skins and brown finish on belly. These are Winex 44# Long limbs with PSE label on them. Gorgeous on wood ILF risers. Just cleaning up so will take $150 TYD for them.
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    Any experiences with these limbs - good and/or bad? What is the difference between the 2 and the original model?
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    Looking for a little help regarding what’s available and or will fit this riser. I’ve used the search here and AT along with emailing Jäger with little information. Riser comes with a high grip which doesn’t fit me although I do like the texture of it. If there’s no jäger available I may take...
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    my question is this. Has anyone done any speed tests with same pounds & length limbs, one versus the other, same riser, same day, same arrows? Just a basic test.......shoot one set ? 20 times through (ok PAST) the chronograph.......switch limbs, repeat......record the 40 speeds & review. I kept...
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    Moved to classifieds….. (can't find delete option!)
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    Anyone have the newer Winex limbs? Wondering if they are the same construction with just new graphics? Thanks,Mike
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    Interesting little story - xmas gift Winex arrived for oly bow use a couple days ago .... put on some CVS limbs, stab & hoyt super rest & went outside into -15C weather - net result was two super rests fracturing/breaking off in short order but some really nice realizations that this riser has...
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    These were the limbs I got from stevelong. I painted them with car bumper paint as recommended by someone on here but left the W&W logo. The aerosol paint was real easy to use. This paint is easily removed with thinners, only hope it won't damage the limbs!
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    On a different thread, it was said that the cores changed, and are probably not any longer the honeyfoam cores........ Scooter showed a pic of ad copy where the limb graphics no longer show honeyfoam cores like they used to. ON ALt. Services site, find Winex, expand it, and see as in the pic, as...
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    Zulu sent me two sets of test data for his Pinnacle II riser with 40 pound long Winex limb. The first set is limbs bolts in, backed off by 1/2 turn, the other is limb bolts out backed off by 1/2 turn. Zulu points out that the Pinnacle II has only 3 turns of adjustment, so this test covers 2...
  12. Border Archery
    Is there any force draw data comparing these limbs? Has anyone shot the latest Cx and have thoughts on how they compare to the Winex? speed, smoothness at long draws, quitness, stability? tks Dennis
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    What is the difference in performance between Winex and SF Ultimate Pro limbs. I like my Winex, but with all things even e.g. length & weight, is there much of a difference between the two limbs? A lot of people are raving about the Ultimate Pros of late, and aside from the price difference is...
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    Are Winex limb's measured with the bolt's in or all the way out? Thx
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    My buddy Bill C. loaned me a set of Winex limbs today for my DAS after we were discussing high performance limbs..went home and took off my 3rivers foam limbs which is 60# and a pretty good performer after months of tuning to get it right. I wasnt sure what to expect..but I slapped them on...
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    I just had my upper winex limb break on me this weekend. I was at full draw and it exploded. I was lucky and only got a scratch under my eye. I was shooting these on a 23" Hoyt Radian riser. They were medium limbs marked 46-48 and I had them set at 50#@30". I was shooting 435 gr arrows. I bought...
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    Ok I have to admit that all the Border talk has me intrigued. I am just wondering if anyone has any real comparison between the new Hex 6 limbs and Winex (or similar). I have a set of Winex and a set of Inno Power limbs now for my DAS.....just thinking...;)
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    Looking for thoughts of how Winex limbs stack up vs the Dalaa carbon glass limbs. I've seen several here on the forum that really like the Winex limbs. What is it that sets them apart? Enough difference to add a set? The riser I'm using is the ILF 21" Dalaa
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    I've got a set of Winex and know what to expect from them. I'm looking at XQ-1 for a second riser/backup. I've heard XQ-1's are slower than Winex. Anyone have any comparitive data. I'll be shooting 525 gr arrows, for hunting. I'm getting 180 fps at 28" 50# draw weight, that is my target...
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    I have a DAS Kinetic HUnter from Dave. It has Winex limbs. I like to purchase another set of these limbs. Has anyone tried putting replacement bushings in new limbs for Dave's bows? I also doubt I can have them coated like the original limbs. Guess I'll use them as is. _Larry