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    Just bought this bow with 40# limbs. Anybody have one, know anything about these, etc... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has any one tried these new limbs out. I seen them on Lancaster Archery they look pretty sweet.
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    Kaya is a fairly new name to me but Mo0ses latest post on the Kaya carbon riser really made me sit up an take notice. Up until now I've been planning my next up grade to be a Win&Win RCX25 but now I'm wondering about that. So,anybody have any real life input to help ease the pain ? Cheers, John.
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    Ok so a set of minty Win&Win XQ-1's are now in my hands thanks to Willem. I'm having an issue fitting them to my Best Moon. The cut out slots are tight but fit ok, and the 'bottom' limb slips into place fine, but for some reason when I try and attach the 'top' limb it won't go in place all the...
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    Curious, those that have shot these what did you think? / do any of you still have and enjoy shooting them? I ask because I just picked up a minty set of 2nd gen 36# mediums / shot approx. 50 times for a couple hundred bucks. Not much info archived out there, but the gist I'm getting is they...
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    Looking for thoughts of how Winex limbs stack up vs the Dalaa carbon glass limbs. I've seen several here on the forum that really like the Winex limbs. What is it that sets them apart? Enough difference to add a set? The riser I'm using is the ILF 21" Dalaa
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    Does anyone here shoot the win&win winstorm carbon limbs? How do they compare in speed and smooth drawing with higher end limbs from win&win? thanks.
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    Since quite a few guys asked me about the new RCX-100 limbs, here's the scoop: Carbon/foam core limb with the carbon weave visible on both the back and the belly. Rating speed at 9 gpp is 191 fps on a 25" riser. Shooting wise there's not much difference to my Win-Ex limbs, but the looks is a...
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    Anyone know how long a Win & Win MFS damper stabilizer. Win Win archery site does not say and when I called Lancaster archery they did not know though they do carry the item? A little help here please. Larry
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    Just wondering about these win & win inno power limbs foam cores , verses carbon black max limbs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    If you were going to chose between a set of Hoyt 990CX limbs and a set of W&W Inno limbs for a hunting/3D bow, which one would you chose?
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    I've been reading a thread on another forum that would seem to imply that all Win & Win limbs are going to be made in China.I remember last year reading that the lower end limbs were to be produced in a new factory in China but the higher end limbs were not.Anyone have any information?
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    Someone posted this on another forum. Looks sharp. 62" on a 23" riser. Anyone seen one these in person?
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    Looked at their site and they are making a hunting bow. Cammo and 62in
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    Looked at their site and they are making a hunting bow.
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    in my quest to further stabilize my carbon recurve limb, i was just reasearching what win is doing with their new lay-up in their inno limbs. as i was cruising their web site i ran across the taurus. i might be the only one on this site that has not seen this bow but i didn't have a clue that...
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    I've ordered a set of Win&Win Everest limbs. Anyone shoot these limbs? Where do they fall in the quality range when compared to other carbon/foam core limbs? :shooting: I ordered medium limbs at 38#, which should yield 46# limbs at 60" on my Dalaa. Bill
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    I have the opertunity to buy a "like new" second hand set of Win&Win Winex Limbs. They are being advertised as 42lb 68" medium on a 25 inch riser. Can anybody tell me what wheight these limbs will draw at 28" on a DAS 17" riser. Thanks.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the 25" Win & Win "EXPERT" riser??...The one with the carbon fiber bridge that extends out in front of the grip/back of the riser??...I am winning one on E-bay, I figured just in case I end up with it, what to expect...Thanks in advance...Harpman