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    I just bought a set of used older W&W Winact Limbs from my local archery shop. I've been shooting them for a few days now and they feel really good. Anyways, all the info I can get on them is that they are a carbon/wood limb. I was wondering if anyone has shot these, knew when they were made...
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    Hello, I got a chance at a riser with either of these limbs on it, don't know which is better? I did some research, know synerzy's had delam problems.....& there's a 2nd generation of synerzy's that stay together. Any way to tell the 2 diff Synerzy's aapart? Anybody take a shot at which is...
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    Any thoughts on the Winact riser. Any experiecnces with it...? A 23" with short SF glass limbs might be nice for hunting. around $350 or so.
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    Alternative Sporting Services has 2006 Winact limbs on their web site. They list for around $300, depending on the current exchange rate. I remember reading somewhere the "new" Winact limbs had the Honeycomb structure of the old XQ-1 and the current WinEx. I'm wondering if these "2006 Winact"...
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    What, or how, are Winact, and WinEx limbs composed? What are the differences between these ILF limbs, made in 2005 or 2006? Are the differences significant? Why?
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    Does anyone have any experience with these limbs??..The 2006 and up Winacts are carbon/foam, according to Lancaster Archery...I have heard some good things about the PSE X-Pressions...Now that I have a couple risers that suit Me, I'm thinking of shopping for some limbs...Anyone know anything...
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    We've got a variety of Win & Win Focus, Winact and XQ1 limbs in stock for immediate delivery. The prices are well under actual retail. These are hard to get and backorders can take a LONG time to fill. Win & Win Limbs
1-7 of 9 Results